Your samples are in safe hands – yours

We help you look after all of your samples, all of the time helps you create and maintain a completely up-to-date, searchable, visual record of your samples*

Quickly access and update your data anywhere, on your phone or securely from any computer

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* In fact, anything you store: tubes, slides, reagents, specimens…

Choosing samples
Check your samples in using your mobile phone camera
Your dashboard lets you know about your samples
Labelling samples
Give your samples searchable labels, or check in from your bench
Editing samples
Simple to search, easy to edit - by phone or desktop

For Individuals

  • Finding samples without even going to the freezer
  • Know what samples you have to plan experiments from anywhere
  • Relieve stress by never losing a sample
  • Hard to maintain spreadsheets are no longer needed

For Teams

  • Search for samples all team mates (and their benches)
  • Use the huge sample labels to share important info
  • For managers/PIs: view samples across your entire team

For Organisations

  • Track special, dangerous, rare or human samples
  • Integrate into audited processes
  • Support regulatory requirements, including: Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Human Tissue Act (HTA)

For the Environment

  • Remove need for trips to freezers
  • Minimise freezer door open time
  • Free up space by removing unneeded samples

Reduce carbon footprint

Coming soon...

  • Track reagent levels
  • Transfer samples between team members
  • Smart sharing technology
  • Novel image analyses to track samples and report